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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to sell my extra diabetic testing supplies?

Diabetic Test Strips & Lancets are an over-the-counter medical supply and therefore completely legal to sell to a third party without a prescription

Who pays for the shipping?

We do! Fill out Ship my supplies Request form and we will send you a prepaid shipping label. Just drop your boxes in the sturdy box and give it to your mail man/local post office. Its that easy

How should i ship my supplies?

First, place the diabetic test strip or supplies boxes in a firm sturdy shipping box and we suggest adding some form of padding around them to avoid damage in shipping. For example, crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap, plastic bags or shipping peanuts. 

Don’t forget to stick the prepaid shipping label that we gave you.

When can I expect payment after you receive my diabetic test strips?

We send out your payment within 1 business days of receipt of your test strips. We can make a payment in by PayPal or check, if you don’t specify we will mail you a check. If you want PayPal you have to specify which email address you want payment sent to. Shipment must be received before 2PM EST to be considered received on that day. If we receive the shipment after 2PM, the shipment is considered to have arrived the next business day. We are closed on the weekends

What is the advantage getting pay via PayPal?

We will send your money within 24 hours of receipt of your supplies. However please make sure you paypal account is verified to get the funds available instantly.

If your paypal account is new account or never had any transaction before or has not been used for transaction for a while paypal might hold your funds for couple days, status of fund will be pending and you need to call PayPal call center to sort out this matters


What is the advantage of getting pay via check?

Free, Checks are typically mailed out within one business day of the time we receive your package and arrive within 2-8 business days thereafter, but may take longer depending on mail speed and distance. We will use your name and address from your request form, please make sure they are match with your id card.

What is the advantage of getting pay via walmart2walmart?

You can get the funds instantly right after we inform you walmart receipt code.

Please allow 1 to 2 days after we receive your supplies, we cant do this transaction online, we have to be present at walmart to send the money

Walmart fee (we will deduct this fee from your payment:

$5  for payment up to $50

$9 for payment $51 to $1000

 We will use your name and address from your request form, please make sure they are match with your id card. And we send you the receipt code to your phone or email. 

Is my personal information safe?

Yes! Our site uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to encrypt all information transmitted through our site. Your information is safe and will never be shared with 3rd Parties, only to make payment to you through the service you select

Can I remove the label from my boxes?

We don’t recommend removing the labels from your boxes to avoid damage or rips unless the labels peel off effortlessly without damage to the boxes. You may carefully cross out your personal information with a marker avoiding any marks on the box if you prefer. We remove labels from all boxes we receive with a special solution to make sure the boxes are not damaged.

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All test strip boxes are subject to inspection once received.
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